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Controlling Static Electricity and Web Cleaner design are what ElectroStatics, Inc does best. The ionization (also know as static eliminators or antistatic products) and webcleaning systems outlined below control static electricity and remove dust and dirt from nonconductive materials.

Static Eliminators
Static Locater/Meter 
static meter
Meter to study static in the process or effectiveness of solutions
Static Bars
Anti static bars
anti static bar static bars

For webs of paper or plastic film, printing, bag making, glass

Also can be used with air knives or with HEPA filters in down draft booths.

Static Generating & High Speed Systems DC Static control systems for high speed or pinning/tacking applications
Industrial Static control Blowers static control blowers antistatic blowers

General Purpose large area static suppression. Helps with operator shocks, large area and static control at a distance applications.


Tabletop ESD Ionizer ESD Blowers table top ionizers

Table Top
IT-7000 Ion Transport System ESD protection in electronics and or lab applications.

Also very useful in light duty general purpose applications.

Overhead ESD Ionizer 

over head ionizers anti static ESD blowers

Over Head
HM-8000 Ion Transport System ESD protection in electronics and or lab applications. 3 times the output of the Table top. Designed to hang above the work area out of the way.

Also very useful in light duty general purpose applications.

Ionizing Guns 

Antistatic Air Guns

Anti Static Air Guns

antistatic gun static control blow off gun

Hand held and hands free static control anti static blow off guns.

Great for clean up of non conductive or ESD sensitive materials.

Static control Nozzles anti static nozzles static conrol blow off nozzles Fix static control nozzles for static control and blow off applications.
Specialty/ OEM ionizers tape label RFID static bar ionizer static control Specialty ionizers for OEM and challenging customer applications. Static Bar ionizer shown is for RFID and tag and label applications.

Web Cleaning  &
 Dust Control

web cleaner Web Cleaners to clean dust and contamination and remove static off of webs of paper and plastic.
Sheet Cleaning  Clean Sheets of extremely thin material to 3" thick panels
Custom Cleaning Systems bottle cleaning system

Review our custom cleaning systems

static control anti static products
Static Eliminators By Product
Static Eliminators By Application

Static Locater/Meter 

Anti Static Bars

Special static control Ionizers

Industrial Static Conrol Blowers

Tabletop static control Ionizer 

Overhead static control Ionizer 

Ionizing static control anti-static Guns 

Static control antistatic Nozzles 

Dust Control

Static Generating

Web Cleaning 

Sheet Cleaning 

Printed Circuit Board/ Panel Cleaning

Static Generating & High Speed Static Control Systems

Packaging, Printing & Converting





static control static bars web cleaner static eliminator
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