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Video of Web Cleaner from ElectroStatics, Inc in service.

Below are videos of a 1.2 meter web cleaner in operation in a business forms plant. The customer had complaints about chad, perforation dust, and paper dust from their customers to contend with prior to installing the ElectroStatics, inc web cleaner.

This web cleaning unit was in continuous operation for approximately 6 years at the time the video was made.


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The dust collector in these videos is a cabinet style and is available as an upgrade from a base system.

Specialists in Static Electricity & Contamination Control

ElectroStatics Incorporated is a leading manufacturer and marketer of systems to control static electricity and the related contamination with web cleaning and sheet cleaning systems. The product line includes but is not limited to Static Meters, Static Neutralizing, Static Bars and Blowers, Static Generating & Grounding systems, Web Cleaning, Sheet Cleaning, and Contamination Control devices for the complete control of Static Electricity. 

Industry in general, and the plastics, paper, textiles, electronic industries in particular, have been plagued with static electricity and its related particulate attraction. ElectroStatics Incorporated has extensive application experience in these industries and is dedicated to providing each industry with complete  systems for the control of static electricity and web, sheet, and parts cleaning. 


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