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This image shows an ElectroStatics, Inc web cleaner in typical set up on a web.
The position of the web cleaning is very important to its performance. Typically the webcleaner is located just prior to a value added step, such as printing or laminating, or near the source of the contamination.

web cleaner web cleaning

The heart of the ElectroStatics, Inc web cleaners are its patented face plate designs with tapered factures to insure uniform air flow over the entire width of the web. 

The unique face plate designs allows ElectroStatics, Inc to design its web cleaners to operate at very high static pressuses very close to the web without risking sucking the web material into the hood assembly

Shown here in a clam chell configuration the engineering staff at ElectroStatics, Inc, are very experenced at working with your existing equipment and operations to get the most out of the web cleaning system.

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web cleaner web cleaning
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