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The modern patented technology from ElectroStatics captures the dust before it gets airborne by using static control technology in combination with compressed air, vacuum, and a patented face plate design which lets our equipment operate very close to the moving web.

The Advantages of this advanced technology is:

  • Highly effective - Paper customers have reported 60-90% reduction in air borne dust in and around the machine.
  • Active cleaning of the web instead of ventilation area
  • Non contact web cleaning system
  • Capturing the dust before it gets airborne keeps the whole area cleaner eliminating the need expanding the range of effeteness of the unit and eliminating the need to put area hoods all over the machine.
  • Requires less space in and around the machine creating more room to operate and maintain the machine without first moving the duct work out of the way.
  • Is effective on both sides of web. The less space also makes it easier to install and maintain.
  • The patented grooved slot face plate designs eliminate the possibility of an ElectroStatics webcleaner "eating the web"
    web cleaning face plate patent

Added benefits:

  • The web is cleaner so your company can ship a cleaner product to your customers improving customer satisfaction.
  • The ElectroStatics designs use less vacuum and less compressed air to clean both sides of the web.

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