sheet and panel cleaning

Model CMP/30
Panel Cleaning System

Contamination related to static electricity increases rejects decreasing yield in the circuit board industry. ElectroStatics developed the CMP/30 for this problem.

The CMP machine can clean panels of material from 0.010" - 0.625" thick and 30" wide. Laminations to PCBs or any other sheet/panel material which have to be cleaned. The CMP does this without expensive consumable materials. 

The cleaning system consists of four (4) air knives and four (4) static neutralizers and two vacuum hoods to produce a unique method of cleaning both sides of a sheet during one pass through of the machine. 

 Easy adjustment raises and lowers the top cleaning section to accommodate materials as  long as they are rigid or greater than 0.010" thick. 

 The standard CMP machine has a speed range of 0-70 FPM and is suitable for hand fed and fast or slow in-line process equipment. Depending on the application, the CMP machine can be altered to fit most in-line processes when faster and continuous performance is required. 


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