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Webcleaning is a critical process in the modern printing environment. ElectroStatics state of the art and patented web cleaners are what you need to compete in the modern narrow web market place.

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Narrow Web Cleaner

Many applications require a web cleaning system to insure quality in tag, label and digital printing, die cutting/punching and laminating operations. ElectroStatics narrow web cleaner with a high velocity fixed brush vacuum system is the most advanced, most efficient webcleaner available today. 

ElectroStatics, Inc builds on its extensive experience designing static control products to deliver the latest technology web cleaner available. Standard widths are 8", 12",16", 18", 21"& 24". Custom sizes up to 30" in the narrow style are available. For systems wider than 30" see our wide web cleaning systems.

Digital Press Web Cleaner

ElectorStatics, Inc narrow web cleaner shown in operation on digital press.
digital printing press web cleaner ElectroStatics, Inc has developed a line of web cleaners for the digital prinitng  market. The grooved face plate allows for the low web tension typcial in many digital presses.

The enclosed dust collection system has a 0.5 micron filter, air compressor, and power supply for the static bars in the hood assembly. The dust collector system is very quit, requires little maintenance and is on casters to make it easy to move.

digital press web cleaner

Webcleaners from ElectroStatics, Inc are the most cost effective way to insure your value added step is adding value and not creating scrap because of dirt on the web.

Ask about ElectroStatics' Performance Guaranteed on the webcleaning systems.

Click here to send ElectroStatics a Request of Quote on a webcleaning system.

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